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In Press
Klamka J.  In Press.  Controllability of Fractional Linear Systems with Delays in Control. Studies in Systems, Decision and Control.  (201.29 KB)
Szyguła J, Domański A, Domańska J, Czachórski T, Marek D, Klamka J.  2020.   AQM mechanism with neuron tuning parameters. 12th Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems, Phuket, Thailand.
Klamka J.  2020.  Controllability of Semilinear Systems with Multiple Variable Delays in Control. Mathematics. 8:1955. (211.01 KB)
Domański A, Domańska J, Czachórski T, Klamka J, Szyguła J, Marek D.  2020.  Diffusion Approximation Model of TCP NewReno Congestion Control Mechanism. SN Computer Science. (1:43)
Babiarz A, Czornik A, Klamka J.  2020.  On Stabilizability of Discrete Time Systems with Delay in Control. Intelligent Information and Database Systems.  (176.61 KB)
Domański A, Domańska J, Czachórski T, Klamka J.  2017.  Self-similarity Traffic and AQM Mechanism Based on Non-integer Order Pi^αD^β Controller. Communications in Computer and Information Science. 718:336-350.
Domański A, Domańska J, Czachórski T, Klamka J.  2016.  The use of a non-integer order PI controller with an active queue management mechanism. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. 26(4):777-789.
Domańska J, Domański A, Czachórski T, Klamka J.  2014.  Flluid flow approximation of time-limited TCP/UDP/XCP streams.. Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences Technical Sciences. 62:217–225.
Domańska J, Domański A, Augustyn D.R, Klamka J.  2014.  A red modified weighted moving average for soft real-time application. Int. J. Appl. Math. Comput. Sci.. 24:697–707.