Research groups

Quantum Systems of Informatics Group

Ryszard Winiarczyk, PhD
Quantum Systems of Informatics Group was created in 2001. We work in the field of quantum information, mainly on quantum programming languages and simulations of quantum computers.

Computer Vision Systems Group

Agnieszka Tomaka, PhD

The research area of the Computer Vision Systems Group, created in 1987, is quantitative analysis of 2D and 3D images. Dr Ryszard Winiarczyk, a co-founder of the group, was in charge of it for well over a decade. Today, the group is led by dr Agnieszka Tomaka.

Multimedia Systems Group

Arkadiusz Sochan, PhD
Coding, storing and transmissions of multimedia information and integration multimedia platforms are researched. The researches are focused on static images and movies coding in real-time systems including transmissions in computer and telecommunication networks with QoS.

Computer Systems Modelling and Performance Evaluation Group

Joanna Domańska, PhD, D.Sc.

Systems Modelling and Performance Evaluation Group (SMaPEG) conducts research on models of computer systems and novel methods of modeling. In the scope of interests of the Group there are mainly models of computer networks. We are engaged in simulation and analytical modeling, both queuing models and other methods.

Internet of Things Group

Krzysztof Grochla, DSc

Internet of Things Group

The IoT Group research is concentrated on IoT communication systems, including: designing and performance analysis of IoT network protocols, interoperability in IoT, data semantic description, autoconfiguration, minimization of energy consumption and localization in embedded devices.