Performance Analysis of a Cloud Computing System using Queuing Model with Correlated Task Reneging

TytułPerformance Analysis of a Cloud Computing System using Queuing Model with Correlated Task Reneging
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2021
AutorzyKumar R, Soodan BSingh, Kuaban GSuila, Czekalski P, Sharma S
JournalJournal of Physics: Conference Series, presented in 5th International Scientific Conference on Information, Control, and Communication Technologies (ICCT-2021) 4-7 October 2021, Astrakhan, Russian Federation

Queuing theory has been extensively used in the modelling and performance analysis of cloud computing systems. The phenomenon of the task (or request) reneging, that is, the dropping of requests from the request queue often occur in cloud computing systems, and it is important to consider it when developing performance evaluations models for cloud computing infrastructures. Majority of studies in the performance evaluation of cloud computing data centres with the use of queuing theory do not consider the fact that the tasks could be removed from queue without being serviced. The removal of tasks from the queue could be due to the user impatience, execution deadline expiration, security reasons, or as an active queue management strategy. The reneging could be correlated in nature, that is, if a request is dropped (or reneged) at any time epoch, and then there is a probability that a request may or may not be dropped at the next time epoch. This kind of dropping (or reneging) of requests is referred to as correlated request reneging. In this paper we have modelled a cloud computing infrastructure with correlated request reneging using queuing theory. An M/M/1/N queuing model with correlated reneging has been used to study the performance analysis of the load balancing server of a cloud computing system. The steady-state as well as the transient performance analyses have been carried out. Important measures of performance like a vera ge queue size, average delay, probability of task blocking, and the probability of no waiting in the queue are studied. Finally, some comparisons are performed which describe the effect of correlated task reneging over simple exponential reneging


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