Self-organization Process Inside the Set of Elements Inspired by their Properties

TytułSelf-organization Process Inside the Set of Elements Inspired by their Properties
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2005
AutorzyNowak S, Węgrzyn S, Znamirowski L
JournalArchiwum Informatyki Teoretycznej i Stosowanej
AbstractSystems of technical informatics are being used for the realization of computational processes performed on the indicated data in a form of numbers. Computations are not performed in biological systems of informatics but the sets of technological operations which material products are coming into existence for living organism construction. It is possible to create technical systems of informatics which such goals will be realizing like in the case of biological systems and so will be taken to manufacturing objects and products on the basis of the molecular nanotechnology. It leads to three problems connected with the realization of creating technical systems of informatics and it concerns: the nanosystems of informatics, the self-replication, and the self-organization processes. In the paper, a problem of transient states of the process occurred for the self-organization of the object with properties of basic elements constituting this object determined, have been presented.

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