SDK4ED: One-click platform for Energy-aware, Maintainable and Dependable Applications

TytułSDK4ED: One-click platform for Energy-aware, Maintainable and Dependable Applications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Rok publikacji2022
AutorzyMarantos C, Siavvas M, Tsoukalas D, Lamprakos CP, Papadopoulos L, Boryszko P, Filus K, Domańska J, Ampatzoglou A, Chatzigeorgiou A, Gelenbe E, Kehagias D, Soudris D
Conference Name25th Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference
Date Published03/2022
Conference LocationBelgium
Słowa kluczoweDependability, Development Toolkit, Energy consumption, Software quality

Developing modern secure and low-energy applications in a short time imposes new challenges and creates the need of designing new software tools to assist developers in all phases of application development. The design of such tools cannot be considered a trivial task, as they should be able to provide optimization of multiple quality requirements. In this paper, we introduce the SDK4ED platform, which incorporates advanced methods and tools for measuring and optimizing maintainability, dependability and energy. The presented solution offers a complete tool-flow for providing indicators and optimization methods with emphasis on embedded software. Effective forecasting models and decision-making solutions are also implemented to improve the quality of the software, respecting the constraints imposed on maintenance standards, energy consumption limits and security vulnerabilities. The use of the SDK4ED platform is demonstrated in a healthcare embedded application.

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