Prediction of airport runway settlement using an integrated SBAS-InSAR and BP-EnKF approach

TytułPrediction of airport runway settlement using an integrated SBAS-InSAR and BP-EnKF approach
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2024
AutorzyXiong S-H, Wang Z-P, Li G, Skibniewski MJ, Chen Z-S
Date Published04.2024
Słowa kluczoweAirport runway safety; Settlement prediction; SBAS-InSAR; EnKF; Back propagation

The prediction of surface settlement occupies a crucial role in achieving effective catastrophe prevention and mitigation, as well as facilitating the maintenance of airport runways. Given the challenges associated with the manual collection of settlement data and the suboptimal timeliness of the Back Propagation (BP) technique in neural networks, this study proposes an integrated prediction method that combines the Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF) with BP. This study focuses on the processing of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) pictures obtained from the ascending orbit of the Sentinel-1A satellite. The Small Baseline Subset Interferometric synthetic aperture radar (SBAS-InSAR) technology is employed to derive the settlement time series on the runway of Kangding Airport. Moreover, three sites with high coherence within the primary settlement region are employed to assess the dependability of the model after the expansion of the data by cubic spline interpolation. The findings of the study indicate that both the BP-EnKF and BP models exhibit favorable outcomes in predicting airport runway settlement. However, following the alteration of data caused by external environmental influences, the BP-EnKF model has superior adaptability to variations in data. It has been shown that the BP-EnKF model exhibits a prediction accuracy that surpasses the BP model by 9.25%.


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