Multi-stage Informatic Technology

TytułMulti-stage Informatic Technology
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2005
AutorzyWęgrzyn S, Znamirowski L
JournalArchiwum Informatyki Teoretycznej i Stosowanej
AbstractIn the paper, the production processes of a nano-products fabrication based on multi-stage informatic technology applying the concept of so called “gluey matrix” are described. In the first stage, an “intermediate product” is created, with linear, molecular structure identical to linear sequence in a final product. In the next stages, that flat, linear structure will convert into a spatial shape of molecules representing the final product. The operations performed in those systems are based on nanotechnologies or a “bottom-up” creation of the product. This approach to the product creation requires a knowledge about the product molecular constitution and the phenomena observed on the surface of molecules and atoms, which allow for a design of a proper, “gluey matrix”. This matrix introduced into a mixture of freely moving molecules (building blocks) concentrates and integrates the building blocks on the surface of matrix forming the needed intermediate product. In the next stages, the intermediate product created and next detached from the surface of gluey matrix is a substrate for the creation of appropriate final product by affecting the intermediate product with various external stimuli, assuring the proper conformational modifications.