Dynamic collective opinion generation framework for digital transformation barrier analysis in the construction industry

TytułDynamic collective opinion generation framework for digital transformation barrier analysis in the construction industry
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2024
AutorzyChen Z-S, Liang C-Z, Xu Y-Q, Pedrycz W, Skibniewski MJ
JournalInformation Fusion
Date Published03/2024
Słowa kluczoweDigital transformation; Construction enterprises; Collective opinion generation; Prediction with expert advice; Social network analysis

The absence of a reliable, dynamic evaluation system has impeded early-stage industrial research progress, particularly in the digital transformation of the construction industry. Moreover, existing research studies rarely explore the impact of digitalt transformation barriers considering the interplays among them. This paper aims to introduce an innovative framework to generate dynamic collective opinions for barrier analysis in such context. The proposed dynamic collective opinion generation framework comprises three key components: Collective Opinion Generation, Prediction with Expert Advice (PEA), and Social Network Analysis. Its goal is to provide dependable decision support when subjective evaluation data from experts is available. Initially, a bi-objective optimization model generates the initial barrier weight vector. The PEA incorporates a loss function to measure the deviation between aggregated probablity density function and actual observed data, updating the weight vector over time. Next, an influence network covering all barriers is established. Node significance is evaluated through metrics like degree centrality, closeness centrality, and eigenvector centrality. The gravity model based on three metrics is used to determine interrelationships among barriers, resulting in a weight vector capturing these interplays. The two weight vectors are combined with Nash equilibrium, yielding the ultimate weight vector for barriers. The effectiveness of the proposed dynamic collective opinion generation framework is showcased through a case study on China Construction Third Bureau. Results indicate that talent structure notably influences construction companies' digital transformation. Additionally, market structure and strategic position significantly impact digital transformation in this industry.


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