BIM-driven building greenness evaluation system: An integrated perspective drawn from model data and collective experts' judgments

TytułBIM-driven building greenness evaluation system: An integrated perspective drawn from model data and collective experts' judgments
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2023
AutorzyWu X, Cao Y, Liu W, He Y, Xu G, Chen Z-S, Liu Y, Skibniewski MJ
JournalJournal of Cleaner Production
Date Published06/2023

Traditional buildings will lead to a series of problems such as high energy consumption, high pollution, and serious waste of resources and environmental damage. It is of great significance to construct a green building evaluation system based on the physical building framework to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction and to fit the sustainable development. In this study, a building greenness evaluation system combining BIM data model and prior knowledge of experts is constructed and the applicability of the method has been verified. IFC information is expressed and transmitted in terms of components, materials, equipment, environmental quality impact, etc., and BIM based building performance design data information conversion and greenness evaluation process is constructed; Based on the comparison and summary of the existing green building evaluation systems at home and abroad, the evaluation model of building greenness is determined; Based on the ideas and steps of establishing the index system proposed in the research, the index system of building greenness evaluation is established from the aspects of environmental quality (Q) and building load (L) on the basis of questionnaire, prior knowledge of experts and other methods; Combined with the mathematical model of greenness evaluation, the paper analyzes the indexes of different levels, determines the structural calculation methods of different indexes, and carries on the quantitative classification of the overall greenness evaluation. Finally, taking a citizen's house as an engineering case, the paper makes an empirical analysis on the greenness evaluation of green buildings. The results show that the green degree of the building is excellent(class A), which is consistent with the project positioning, and provides the basis for the efficient and accurate evaluation of green building. † Xianguo Wu and Yuan Cao and Weicheng Liu contributed equally to the work.


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