Analysis of AFM images of Nanofibre Mats for Automated Processing

TytułAnalysis of AFM images of Nanofibre Mats for Automated Processing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2020
AutorzyBłachowicz T, Böhm T, Grzybowski J, Domino K, Ehrmann A
Start Page104
Date Published06/2020
Słowa kluczoweatomic force microscopy (AFM), electrospinning, Hurst exponent, nanofi brous mat, polyacrylonitrile (PAN), random walk

The image processing of pictures from fi bres and fi brous materials facilitates the investigation of diverse ge-ometrical properties, such as yarn hairiness, fi bre bifurcations or fi bre lengths and diameters. Such irregular sample sets are naturally suitable to the statistical examination of images, using a random-walk algorithm. This results in the calculation of the so-called Hurst exponent, which is the asymptotic scaling exponent of the mean squared displacement of the walker’s position. Previous investigations have proven the appropri-ateness of this method for examinations of diff erent fi bres, yarns and textile fabrics. In a recent study, we used AFM (atomic force microscopy) images, split into diff erent greyscales, to analyse and quantify diff er-ences between various nanofi bre mats created from polyacrylonitrile. In addition to the strong infl uence of the nanofi bre diameters, a certain impact of the AFM settings was also seen and must be taken into account in future research.




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