Aggregation of GPS, WLAN, and BLE Localization Measurements for Mobile Devices in Simulated Environments

TytułAggregation of GPS, WLAN, and BLE Localization Measurements for Mobile Devices in Simulated Environments
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2019
AutorzyKsiążek K, Grochla K
Date Published04/2019
Słowa kluczoweBLE, GPS, IPS, localization, location aggregation, positioning system, WiFi

There are multiple available technologies to find the location of a mobile device, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), Bluetooth Low-Energy beacons (BLE), and Wireless LAN (WLAN) localization. We propose a novel method to estimate the location of a moving device by aggregating information from multiple positioning systems into a single, more precise location estimation. The aggregated location is calculated as the place in which the product of the probability density functions (PDF) of individual methods has the maximum value. The experimental probability density functions of the three analyzed technologies are fitted by gamma distributions based on error histograms found in the literature and measurement data. The location measurements of the individual technologies are provided at different time instants, so the weighted product of the PDFs is used to improve aggregation accuracy. The discrete event-simulation model was used to evaluate the aggregation method with the Gauss–Markov mobility model. Simulations demonstrated that the calculated aggregated location was more accurate than any of the methods taken as the input, and average error was decreased by almost 13% compared to an arithmetic mean of the three considered localization methods, and by more than 36% compared to the single method with the highest accuracy.


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