SONATA BIS grant in the field of quantum computing for our employee

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Bartłomiej Gardas, a member of the Quantum Systems of Informatics Group, received funding for the project entitled "Simulations of physical systems using near future annealing technology". More information on the project is available in the short description on the NCN website.

The SONATA BIS competition, organized by the National Science Center, aims to finance research projects consisting in the appointment of a new research team, carried out by researchers with an academic degree or title who obtained a doctoral degree in the period from 5 to 12 years before the year of submitting the application. Dr. Gardas's project will be carried out in collaboration with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, AMOLF Research institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and the Institute of Fundamental Physics, CSIC in Spain.