Risk Assessment in Smartphones: Comprehensive Analysis

TitleRisk Assessment in Smartphones: Comprehensive Analysis
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsNasereddin M, Qusef A
Conference NameInternational Conference on Data Science, E-learning and Information Systems 2021
Date Published06/2021
Conference LocationOnline - Jordan
KeywordsInformation Security, risk assessment, Risk management, Smartphones, Threats

Smartphones are multi-purpose and widely used devices in various fields, in terms of personal use, and companies and governments. Increasing dependence on them opened the way for increased violations on its users, as it became a fat substance for criminals, for their illegal practices, so it encountered serious and targeted security threats. This paper presents a set of rules and controls that will reduce the risks that threaten smartphone users. Furthermore, this work provides the methods of risk assessment that are related to smartphones. It identifies the assets and lists several different threats that are relevant. Each risk has its impact on the assets, this is described by mapping it with the likelihood of each threat.

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