Performance evaluation of multiuser interactive networking system

TitlePerformance evaluation of multiuser interactive networking system
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsJózefiok A, Czachórski T, Grochla K
EditorCzachórski T
Conference NameProceedings of 6th International Conference HET-NETs 2010
PublisherIITiS PAN
Conference LocationGliwice, Bałtycka 5
AbstractThe article presents a work in progress aiming at performance evaluation of a large database system at an assurance company. The system includes a server with a database and a local area network with a number of terminals where the company employees run applications that introduce documents or retrieve them from the database. We discuss a model of clients activities. Measurements were collected inside the working system: the phases at each users application were identified and their duration was measured. The collected data are used to construct a synthetic model of applications activities which is then applied to predict the system bahaviour in case of the growth of the number of users.